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Franciscan Monastery of St. Clare

A Community of Poor Clare Nuns, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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The Vocation Ministers of the Greater Cincinnati Area are offering an Online (email, Skype or phone) Discernment Retreat available for women ages 20-40 during Lent. A woman who makes this retreat is paired with a trained Spiritual Director, a member of a religious order.

For more information or to register, please email Cathy Bauer, OSB, at bauerosb@yahoo.com;
text at 859.468.6040 or phone at 859.331.6324.

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Praying Hands

Beginning February 2015

poor clares day of prayer sept 13 2015
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Please join us
for a day of prayer
and adoration
in our
Monastery Chapel
Sun-Sept 13 2015

Post of your Poor Clares singing the Peace Prayer

You may also check out our Friars at
Franciscan Friars of St. John the Baptist Province.


We invite
you to
take the
St. Francis Peace

challenge today!

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We invite you to
enroll in our
St. Clare Circle -
Celebrating 25 Years
in Cincinnati in 2015!

Sr. Ann Bartko, OSC
Celebrated her 50th Jubilee in 2014

Sr. Anna Marie
Covely, OSC
Celebrated her 50th Jubilee in 2013

St. Clare Circle

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Sr. Ann Bartko, OSC

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Sr. Anna Marie's 50th Jubilee Family Photo

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We Are Poor Clare Sisters Who Follow The Way Of Life Of St. Clare Of Assisi -
We Celebrate 800 Years (1212-2012). . . And Beyond!

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poor clares at prayer monastery of st clare st clare of assisi sr vickie's investiture ceremony guest area at monastery of st clare meeting room at monastery of st clare
"The form of life of the Order of the Poor Sisters that Blessed Francis established is this:
to observe the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, by living in obedience,
without anything of one's own, and in chastity." The Form of Life of St. Clare (FLCL 1:1)

We are a community of Catholic sisters known as the Poor Clares. Our official name is the "Order of Saint Clare" ("OSC"). We are the contemplative branch of the Franciscan family founded by Saint Clare of Assisi in 1212. We share our life of prayer with all of you.

As Poor Clares, we profess the usual religious vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, plus the vow of enclosure. Our mission is to pray for the needs of the church, the world, and all people. In our Vision Statement, we express what we feel is our particular way of living Poor Clare life in this 21st century.

We are blessed to have many of our Franciscan brothers here in the Cincinnati area. The Tyrolese friar missionaries came here more than 150 years ago, eventually becoming the Custody of St. John the Baptist here in Cincinnati, Ohio (for more information about our brother Friars here in Cincinnati, go to: www.franciscan.org).

Our life of prayer and contemplation is made possible because of our generous benefactors. We thank you, and we keep all your needs and intentions in our prayers.

"[B]e very joyful and glad, filled with a remarkable happiness and a spiritual joy!"
St. Clare's Letter to Agnes of Prague (1LAg21)

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Your generous donations help us to continue our mission to pray for your needs and the needs of the World.

We thank you, and we bless you.

- Your Poor Clare Sisters

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